Project management & architectural services

If you are thinking about extending or altering your property, from something as simple as taking down an internal wall, or an extension or a loft conversion, Fairclough & Dyer can assist you from the very start. We are happy to give advice on the feasibility of your ideas using our in-depth knowledge of construction and our many years of experience helping home owners gain planning permission, building regulation approval, or any other permissions your project might require. Our firm can produce drawings – either in house or by local architects who we work with on a regular basis – which are suitable for submitting for planning permission or building regulation purposes.

We don’t just carry out home extensions or alterations. Fairclough & Dyer have many years’ experience with projects such as converting properties (for example, from barns or outbuildings into new dwellings, or from office to residential, or a single dwelling into flats or vice versa), constructing new dwellings, repairing and altering Listed Buildings, or even just helping you create a new driveway.

After drawings have been produced and the relevant permissions obtained (or if you come to us with this step already complete), our team can produce a detailed Schedule of Works that outlines the construction details, necessary works, and the types of products to be used in your project. We work with a wide range of local contractors who we can send the schedule out to for competitive tendering. This tender process will provide you with a range of prices to help you make your decision. This can be undertaken as part of contract administration work or separately, and this can be done for any size of project as necessary.

We have extensive experience acting as Contract Administrators for a variety of clients and projects. If we acted as Contract Administrators for your project we would place your chosen contractor under a suitable JCT contract and will then organise Certificates for Payment on your behalf. This service aims to make property extensions or alterations as easy as possible for you, and to help the project run smoothly.


Dilapidated barn, pre-renovation works